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Getting cattle supplement feed is hassle free when you order through Quigley Feeds. All our New Zealand-grown hay and grass comes from our brother company, Quigley Contracting. Eliminating the middleman by using a branch of our family-owned business allows us product traceability and excellent customer care.

Buy Hay Straw & Grass at Affordable Prices in NZ

Our product is then put through our Ashburton-based hay press, which reduces a traditional 7ft bale to half its size. This allows us to fit up to 27 tonne of product in a container. For market gardens, lifestylers and other small businesses, we can even dice these bales into 24 smaller bales.

Hay for Cattle for Sale

Getting supplement feed for your cattle has never been easier – contact us at Quigley Feeds today for a quote.

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We supply stock feed to dairy, farming and agriculture industries across NZ and overseas.

Our Products

Large Bale

The same amount of feed in a traditional 7ft bale, but half the size. Available in full load only (25-30 tonne).

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Small Bale

We dice our large bales into smaller bales for market gardens, lifestylers and small business. Available in pallets (3 pallet minimum).

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How we work

Step 1

Order the quantity of cattle feed you need from our experienced and friendly team. You'll get the most affordable quote possible, plus we'll answer any query you have.

Step 2

Our Canterbury-based team will press, pack and ship your order using New Zealand’s most efficient process for loading feed onto trucks, or onto containers.

About Us

Farming Feed for Animals in New Zealand

At Quigley Feeds, our focus is on making things easier for the dairy, farming, and agriculture industries. We have invested in state-of-the-art equipment at our Canterbury facility to help us achieve this.

This equipment includes a hay press, which is designed to compact bales to two or three times their field density in order to reduce shipping and storage costs. Our compressed bales are much more efficient without any loss to quality.

Animal Supplement & Feed for Cow & Cattle

All the above makes Quigley Feeds the supplier of choice for NZ hay, straw, and grass feed for cattle, horses and more. Many of our customers are on the North Island, but we also supply quality feed to the South Island, and even overseas. So, whether or not you are in New Zealand, contact us for the best feed on the market.