A forklift moving hay in a warehouse.

Our Difference.

We supply stock feed to dairy, farming and agriculture industries across NZ and overseas.

We’re one of the only companies in New Zealand that grow, harvest, press and deliver our own Hay and Straw. You can be assured that the feed you receive has been lovingly grown and processed by our talented team who are dedicated to uphold the quality standards of our brand.

Our product is processed by our state of the art hay press in Ashburton, New Zealand. Our hay press reduces a traditional 7ft bale to half its size. This allows us to fit up to 27 tonne of product in a container. For market gardens, lifestylers and other small businesses, we can even dice these bales into 24 smaller bales.

From our farms, to yours.

We’re proud of the fact that our Hay and Straw is all grown right here in New Zealand in the rich soils and ideal climate of Canterbury and Central Otago in the South Island. We’re hands on with every single Bale that leaves our yard. You can expect product traceability and nothing but the best quality control from our experienced team.

Free up shed space

Our pressed bales get you the same amount of product in half the space.

Affordable Stock Feed

Since we grow and process all of our own products we eliminate the middle man – passing the cost savings onto you.

Save on transport

Due to the compressed size of our bales you can get more product from one delivery.

Getting cattle supplement feed is hassle free when you order through Quigley Feeds